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Need For Speed V-Rally 2

Written by Anthony Latour

Did you ever dream of an off-road version of Need For Speed? Well, here it is, your chance to prove that your the best in streets and in dirt tracks. In Need For Speed V-Rally 2 you can take place in 16 tuned rally cars from the World Rally Championship and race against the computer or your friends.

In this Playstation only Need For Speed version have the option to tune your car like you want, it is raining? Put on rain tires and go get dirty! The realism of this game is impressive, everything that you will do will affect the way your car responds on the track.

A cool feature, is the track editor, if you are already bored of the 80 tracks, build your own track like you want or let the random track generator do is work! Make jumps, change the background of your track, you want to be in the deep woods? Go ahead or you want to be on a real rally racing track? Configure your track like you want! Only one thing I missed with the track editor is the option to make the track cross itself.

The 3D engine is really cool, all the models are really accurate and we can see that the design teams worked on details. Backgrounds are awesome and realistic. Frame rate runs smoothly and the replay mode is nice with good camera angles.

In this beautiful game, you can play up to four at a time (you will need a special adapter), and the graphics are still awesome. Race against your friends and we'll see who's the best now in dirt tracks, this game is really not like any other of the series.

Well, if you are one of these NFS racers that was searching for an high quality game with a new type of cars and track, Need For Speed V-Rally 2 is the game you need. Too bad, they didn't do it for the PC, only for the PlayStation.