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Need For Speed V-Rally

Written by Anthony Latour

Is this really a new Need For Speed? These were the first words I said when I saw this new game. If you were looking for high tech cars like Ferrari's and Lamborghini's, sorry but you are at the wrong place. Need For Speed V-Rally is cool in every way, graphics are sweet, there are a lot of tracks, and it's not the kind of game you get bored after 1 hour of play. The cars are awesome as well, are you ready to bite the dust?

The 42 highly detailed tracks are all awesome, the lens flare is cool too, we can see that the team that worked on that game really took time to fix everything (not as we can see now in some games). Even with such a number of tracks, I didn't really see any repetition, I remember in a cool Rally game, cars were awesome but there were 40 tracks and only 4 different types of scenery... That was a boring game.

The handling of the car is not the best I've ever seen, it's too much arcade like. In turns, sometimes it will be VERY realistic, but many times, your car will slide like if you were on ice. And don't even think about doing a fast acceleration without spinning, you'll stay in one place and only your wheels will move... Also, depending on the size of the car, it will be more easy to make it roll over.

I think that the team that designed the game, could have been working more on details of the cars, they look a little bit like boxes. I know that the playstation cannot handle so many polygons, but they should have given a little bit less details to the tracks and more to the cars.

Well, overall, the game is awesome, but it could have been much much better. A racing game is not just about cool graphics and nice tracks, cars and the handling could have been ameliorated a lot. If I had to give a note on ten to this game, I would give it 7.5/10 . Why not more then that? Simply because there are some details that you can't forget in games, and here, EA made some little mistakes.