Need For Speed Cheats


NFSCheats is one of the original Need For Speed fan sites, first online in 1998. Over the years it has developed to be one of the number one points of interest for NFS enthusiasts. It is now the most comprehensive resources for fans of any game in the huge series.

Special thanks goes to Matt Phelan, Scott Ellison II, Daniel Khodaparast, Dimitri Diels, Ino Dekker, Emir Willan Rahaman, Ivan Au, and Robert McMullen.

In 2010 the site was maintained by Robert McMullen and since 2011 the site is being run and managed by Shocker from NFS-Planet. Several contents from the early days of Need for Speed were restored, but we are still looking for staff to help restore historical content and update the website. If you are interested, please contact if you are interested.