Need For Speed Cheats

NFSCheats back online!

After a short downtime NFSCheats is back online! The website is now hosted by NFS-Planet and we were able to restore several contents from the early days of Need for Speed.

NFSCheats is one of the original Need For Speed fan sites, first online in 1998. Unfortunately Robert McMullen, who ran and managed NFSCheats in 2010 couldn’t continue maintaining the website, so we decided to take over. We didn’t want to a website die, which is so steeped in history.

For now we decided to put NFSCheats up as an archive and restored the contents from The Need for Speed until Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. (Not to be confused with NFS Hot Pursuit (3), which was released in 2010 ;))

We try to upload more contents as we find the time, but if you’re looking for information about newer Need for Speed games, please visit NFS-Planet.

If you want to help us, we’re looking for staff to update the website and restore historical content of NFSCheats. If you are interested, please contact us under

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