Need For Speed Cheats

Need For Speed Shift – Trainer

Since cheats are not available for Need For Speed Shift, a trainer is available to use which has the same effect. A trainer runs in the background tricking the game by modifying parts of the memory, similar to how the Game Genie used to work in the Nintendo days.

To use this first download the file, start the trainer, then run the game, it gives you the following options:

Press F3 – Add 1911 points to Aggression (See Note)
Press F4 – Add 1911 points to Precision (See Note)
Press F5 – Add $100,000
Press F6 – Unlimited Nitro (On/Off)
Press F7 – Increase 10 Victories
Press F8 – Set losses to 0

Note: If you add enough points so that you reach level 50, all visual upgrades are unlocked.

  • Download Link (225 kB, ZIP archive)
  • Release title: Need_For_Speed_Shift_Plus_4_Trainer-RazorDOX

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